From the album "Crazy Blues".."Rain".

Available as a single now on iTunes..

Mick writes: Something a little different.. closer to country rock than the blues, so I thought I'd put it out as a separate release as well as on the album.

Recorded here at Rockfold studio deep in the Surrey swampland. The lyrics came easily.. I just looked out of the window. It was the famous wet winter of early 2014.. the rain falling on the "field by the old hedgerow" was at the end of the garden. The people living by the river Thames really did "need a whole lot of things" - but they didn't need me getting in the way.

There is also a lyric video which features Mary Pickford and I think it works well with the music. Of course there was one thing I hadn't bargained for - the first two people to view the video said "who's Mary Pickford?"

Well in the early twentieth century she was known as the "most famous woman in the world" - a huge star of early Hollywood. These clips come from the public domain film "Tess of the Storm Country" filmed all of one hundred years ago in 1914.

Not much more to say. Hope you enjoy the music - play it loud and sing along.
And time for those line dancing lessons..

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Rain by Mick Clarke. All material Copyright to Mick Clarke 2014. Release date 22 April 2014. Digital distribution through iTunes, eMusic and Amazon mp3. Also available from www.mickclarke.com