Mick Clarke - Cut Loose Vol 2

Mick Clarke
Cut Loose, Vol. 2

A collection of four brand new tracks recorded by Mick at Rockfold Studio 2019.

01 Just To Get Me By
02 Big Wheel
03 Lockdown
04 Good Name Hat

Recorded and Mixed by Mick Clarke at Fabulous Rockfold Studio, Surrey, England 2019.

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A little background (from Mick)..

Four new tracks recorded here at Fabulous Rockfold Studio, jewel of the exotic North Downs deep in the southlands of the great county of Surrey. There's a little rock.. Just To Get Me By features some Dave Davies riffing and solos on the Epiphone by Gibson Sheraton (same as the one John Primer plays). Big Wheel is based, lyrically on Muddy's Young Fashioned Ways but with a twist. Solos on the Bent Frets Strat. Lockdown is a Freddie Kingish instrumental on the Strat. Good Name Hat is a kind of good time Saturday Night lets get funky disco blues, with the Sheraton wailing. So, all good fun.

These tracks will be considered for release on the next full album, with revision, remixing etc if necessary. Meanwhile here they are for you to enjoy or ignore, as you wish.

Technical note.. I've put these tracks out with no mastering compression at all. I think it gives them a clean, raw feel, but you can see what you think yourself. Hope you enjoy them.. do keep rockin' the blues.

Copyright Mick Clarke 2019

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