The Mick Clarke Band Live at Scratchers
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Brand New Live Recording from Scratchers Blues Bar in Surrey, England featuring Mick with Chris Sharley and Eddie Masters. 52 minutes of solid stomping blues and boogie - Rough and Raw. CD on Rockfold Records RF017 - iTunes and Amazon mp3 online now Follow on Spotify LISTEN OR ORDER HERE BIO MUSIC TOUR VIDEOS PHOTOS GNASHER KILLING FLOOR FREDDIE KING SALT CONTACT The official facebook page - come and say hello tweet!


Welcome to the official website - British blues guitarist Mick Clarke welcomes you to his site..The Mick Clarke Band, Killing Floor, SALT. Latest info on live dates and recording news - full discography and lots of full audio tracks on our music page, and Mick's blog below, updated regularly.

Also out now - The studio album Shake It Up - download from iTunes - Custom CDs from Amazon On Demand

"Man that damn Mick Clarke "Easy Blues" is killin' me. Listened to it around 10 times!" BK New Jersey

The full "Ramdango Trilogy" will be released May 2016 on BGO Records double CD (BGOCD 1236). "Shake It Up" along with "Ramdango" and "Crazy Blues" . 38 tracks, nearly two and a half hours of music, freshly re-mastered for BGO. More info to follow.

Mick Writes..

April 26, 2016
Ruff'n'Roar featured on Pete Feenstra's Ready To Rock radio show tonight - Rollin' With The Blues!

April 22, 2016
Sad to hear of the death of Lonnie Mack. I was lucky enough to see the man on a bill with Roy Buchanan and Dickie Betts, back in the 80s in Portland Oregon. It was one of the wildest pure blues rock shows I've ever seen.. solid rockin' guitars all night! And a lot of cowboy hats and long neck Coors. Lonnie's style was totally distinctive and really paved the way for many other blues rockers, notably of course SRV. R.I.P. Lonnie.

April 17, 2016
Ruff'n'Roar featured on the April Powerblues selection from Radioblues.Com
Thanks to Le Collectif des Radios Blues, France

April 15, 2016
"Ruff'n'Roar" and all other MC albums now available across the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan on Yandex Music Download or Stream.

April 14, 2016
Ruff'n'Roar now available in India through ArtistAloud.Com / Hungama Digital and many other outlets. Stream, Download, Ringtones. Click here for Review by Parag Kamani Thanks to our friends in Mumbai.

April 7, 2016
Merle Haggard has died. I used to play in a country band called "Wildwood Flower" and we played "Okie from Muskogee" and "Corrine Corrina" which I loved. I still play that solo occasionally today. We had to wear red shirts and bootlace ties with little six-guns on them. We played East End pubs and it was a lot fun.. My style was not what they were used to, but I enjoyed soloing over songs like "Today I started loving you again".The band leader called me Mr Blue. Merle Haggard was real country.

March 13, 2016
Thanks to all at Scratchers in Farncombe, Surrey for a great night last night. Happy to launch our "Live at Scratchers" album to a lively crowd who were ready to rock. See you again in June.

March 12, 2016
Keith Emerson. Killing Floor's (and my own) first date at the Marquee Club in London was on 28 January 1969 when we opened for The Nice. I'd been to see The Nice before, when they included a guitarist in the line-up. I enjoyed it but found some parts of the set a little pretentious. However, on the night that we played with them the new stripped down three piece tore the place apart. Rocking his Hammond Organ back and forth whilst playing it, and for some reason sticking daggers into it, Emerson was on fire. We had a good night also, and got re-booked to open for Yes a few weeks later. Sadly,both the Marquee Club and Mr Emerson are no longer with us. Good memories though.