Mick Clarke - photo by Mr S.C.Sykes


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Rod DeAth - Photo by Ted McKenna
Very sad to hear of the death of my friend Rod DeAth - A great friend and a great drummer. Rod worked with me in Killing Floor, Ramrod and the Mick Clarke Band, and is best known for his work with the Rory Gallagher Band throughout the 70s, playing on the classic "Irish Tour" album amongst others, along with Rory, Gerry and Lou Martin.

I spent a lot of time with Rod back in the day - when he was riding high with Rory he was always generous with time and money.. the object was always to have a good time. I remember him driving us down to Wales straight from their show at the Reading Festival, so we could have a relaxing weekend at his family home. And there were many many times after a London show of Rory, or SALT, or whoever, when it was all back to Rod's place in South London for a late nighter.

Fundamentally Rod was a great drummer - an unusual style played immaculately with perfect timing and meter. With him propelling the band every number was going to hit the mark - he knew how to boogie. I remember going to see John Lee Hooker with Rod in America. John Lee ended the show with his classic boogie which was superb. Rod was beaming. "I'm filled up" he said to me. "I'm filled up with the blues". That was Rod - a man who loved life and loved his music. Rock on Rod.

Mick Clarke uses Gibson, Epiphone, Fender Squier and Danelectro electric guitars
Tanglewood electro acoustic guitars, Marshall and Watkins amplication and GHS Strings
with Graph Tech accessories.

Mick says: "keep rockin!"

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